How To Buy A Cover

Buying an ebook cover in Premade Ebook Covers is very easy:

1) Pick the cover you want for your ebook and click PRE-ORDER.

Premade ebook covers - Pick your cover

2) Fill in the form and click SUBMIT. If you haven’t decided your book title yet, it doesn’t matter (more info here). But you have to put a valid email address, or I won’t be able to email you back 🙂

Premade ebookcovers - Pre-order cover form

3) Once you have submitted the form, the cover you’ve chosen is reserved for you and I’ll take away the pre-order link so nobody can pre-order the same cover.

Please note: It might happen that another author pre-order the same cover as you before I can take away the pre-order link. Don’t worry: In that case, they’d go to the waiting list.

4) I will send you an email with an invoice via PayPal. You can pay by credit card or Paypal account.

You can change your mind about the cover, no problem at all! I’ll hold the cover for you for 3 days (72 hours since I send you the email with the invoice). You have those 3 days to make the payment and secure your cover.

If the payment hasn’t been made by the end of the deadline, I’ll asumme that you no longer want the cover and it will be released for the next author who wants to buy it.

Please note: the cover is reserved for you since you send the pre-order form until 3 days after I send you the invoice email. Use that time to ask me anything you want regarding your cover or the process, or any changes you want to make to your cover. Once you pay the cover, no money will be returned (check here for details). All the sales are final. Be sure! Once you buy a cover, it’s yours.

5) Once the payment is made, the work begins: I’ll change the fake text for your title, your author name, your tagline.

Premade ebook covers - Title and author change
If the title of your book or your name doesn’t fit exactly like the text in the cover, don’t worry, I’ll send you a couple of different versions for you to choose. The results will be terrific either way.

For more information about what changes are included in the ebook cover price and what aren’t, check What does the price include?

6) Once the changes are made, I’ll email you the files with your finished ecover ready to upload to Kindle or whatever other ebook service you are using.

What am I going to send you?

  • Your ebook cover in JPG, 1563 pixels wide by 2500 pixels high. These are the specifications for Amazon Kindle, but you can use it in another ebook service.
    If your cover has a white or very light background (like the one above), I’ll send you an additional version with a narrow grey boder so the cover doesn’t “dissapear” in a white web background. Again, this is an Amazon recommendation.
  • Two versions of your ebook cover, one in 72dpi resolution for Amazon and the web in general, and another in 300dpi for print purposes.
  • A little version of your cover in JPG, 500 pixels wide by 800 pixels high, a size more comfortable to promote your book in your web, social media, etc.

You can visit the FAQ section for more details.

If you want to ask me something about the buying process, you can email me to