Additional Services
Once you have your ebook cover from Premade Ebook Covers, there are some extra design services you can buy from us.You can order an extra anytime (e.g. a CreateSpace print cover 6 months after your ebook cover).

If you have bought your ebook cover elsewhere, you can order an extra too (except the CreateSpace & KDP Print cover).

Please note: The price of these services does not include the original digital cover.

CreateSpace & KDP Print Cover

Price: $75

Design of a CreateSpace or KDP Print cover for your book so you can sell your print book through Amazon.

CreateSpace is owned by Amazon and is now disappearing and being substituted by KDP Print, but the requirements and process are the same.

Premade ebook covers - CreateSpace Book Covers

Please note: The price of this service does not include the original digital cover. First you have to buy a premade ebook cover from us, then the CreateSpace cover is created based on that design.
I only make CreateSpace covers for premade ebook covers previously bought from this website.

Premade ebook covers - CreateSpace Book Cover

To design your CreateSpace cover I’ll need the following information:

  1. Your book title, so I know which ebook cover we’re talking about.
  2. The book size you have chosen in CreateSpace (e.g. 6×9 or 5.5×8.5).
  3. Number of pages: The exact page count AFTER upload to Createspace (not after upload to KDP as it will not be the same, and not after insertion into a Createspace Interior Template as it will still change after upload).This is very important, because the number of pages changes once you upload your book to CreateSpace. PLEASE do not send me the number of pages until you’ve uploaded your final book to CreateSpace, or I’ll have to redo the cover from scratch (and charge you for it).
    If you are using KDP print, the number of pages is the one in your formatted interior book file (usually a PDF or a .docx template). More info here: Publish Your Paperback on KDP.
  4. The text and information you want in the back of your book: a sinopsys, an author bio, some quotes from the book, a review… You can put one of several of these elements in your back cover.
  5. The type of paper: white or cream. This makes a difference to the spine width.

Premade ebook covers - CreateSpace Book Cover

To order a CreateSpace cover, email me to with the information above. Once I receive your email I’ll send you and invoice through Paypal, and when the payment has been made I’ll start the work.

Please note: once I have all your information and the payment has been made, I’ll start working in your CreateSpace cover. Be sure you’ve sent me the correct information BEFORE you’ve paid your cover.

Book 3D Cover

Price: $15 if you’ve bought your ebook cover from us / $20 if you’ve bought your ebook cover elsewhere.

Make your book look like a real book to promote it more easily.

Premade ebook covers - 3D Book Cover

I’ll send you a PNG file (with transparent background, you can put your book over any background) in different sizes, so you’ll have it in high quality and in more comfortable sizes to use in social media.

You can choose between 3 “book thickness”:
Premade ebook covers - 3D Book Cover
The price includes both with and without shadow versions.

PSD File

Price: $75 Ebook Cover PSD file / $75 CreateSpace Cover PSD file.

Sometimes you’ll want to change your own text, or maybe you’ll want to make you own cover series.

I’m offering now the possibility to purchase the PSD file (Photoshop file). Please be aware that this not always will be possible (it depends on the pictures license), but it’ll be possible in most covers. Please ask me first if you intend to purchase this extra.

Also note that the PSD file for sale is simply one layer with the flattened background (the cover design) and the text layers (so you can modify them). The fonts are not included (because the license doesn’t allow it), but I’ll tell you the font names so you can download them.

If you have any question, please feel free to email me at

Font Change – $15

You can change the font type of a premade cover while I’m working on the cover, once for free (one change for the title and another for the author name).

You have to find a font you like in other of my premade covers: e.g. “I’d like to change the title font like the title on number 0028 and the author font like the author in 0102.”

Please note: If you don’t like the font change, you can go back to the original font if you like for free. Any more font changes after the first one have a $15 fee.

Premade ebook covers - Font change in a premade cover

Text Change – $15

Obviously, the text changes while I am working in your ebook cover are included in the price.

However, once the work is finished and I’ve sent you the files, you can still change the text in your cover for a $15 fee.

You may want to change the text in your cover along the time: if you want to add a tagline or a review several months afterwards, or if you want to change the title of your book.

More Changes and Series from a Cover

I don’t do custom covers, but I can personalise a premade cover until it works for you. The final price depends on the changes: some minor changes are free, other changes I make for a small fee (see above) and I can make other major changes too. Feel free to ask me what you need: I’ll always tell you the price beforehand.

Series from a cover

I can do a series of covers from a premade ebook cover. It can be done at the same time you purchase the first cover or along the time (at the pace you write your books).

There are 2 options:

1. Series with the same picture but different font color or general color:

Premade ebook covers - Series from a Premade Cover

Price: $49 for each extra cover.

2. Series with the same look but different picture:

Premade ebook covers - Series from a Premade Cover

In this case you have to find the picture you want in your cover (you can buy it yourself or I can buy it for you). Also, you can select a suitable image from Depositphotos for free (I have a subscription to that site) and I’ll make up the cover for you.

Price: $60 for each extra cover.

If you want the pictures in some of my other covers, it can be arranged. You can combine two or more of my premade covers to make a series too. Feel free to email me at and tell me your ideas.

Other changes and extras

If you have something in mind and you didn’t find it here, feel free to ask me anyway at I am more than happy to help!

How to order:

To order an additional service, you can do it in the comments section of the pre-order form (while you’re buying your ebook cover), or you can email me at

The payment process is the same as the ebook cover: when I receive your email I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal, and when the payment has been made I’ll start the work.